Client Case Studies

International Students

We provide convenient, efficient, and secure foreign exchange services for international students. We cater to the needs of exchanging Chinese Yuan (CNY) to Australian Dollars (AUD) or other currencies. With the assurance of preferential exchange rates, both parents and students can easily perform currency exchanges and payments anytime, anywhere. We ensure a smooth experience for students during their overseas study journey.

Australian Residents

Local Australian residents living, working, or conducting business in Australia often require two-way currency exchange services from banks. To save our clients time and avoid high fees and exchange rates, we offer cost-effective and efficient currency exchange services. Local residents can enjoy preferential exchange rates, fee-free transactions, and quick fund crediting.

Investment and Real Estate Needs

Individuals or companies investing in and buying property in Australia require substantial funds as a financial backbone. We can promptly meet their seamless, secure, and efficient currency exchange needs, ensuring clients don’t miss any investment opportunities. 51 Forex devises the most advantageous and secure currency exchange plans based on project delivery timelines and payment schedules. We guarantee fast and accurate real-time operations upon client approval, ensuring funds are in place on time and assisting clients in seizing every investment opportunity.

Immigration Clients

51 Forex provides convenient and secure currency exchange procedures for clients based on Australian immigration policies or those of other countries. We ensure clients complete currency exchange procedures within the immigration authority’s designated time frame, with funds securely credited. We also assist in providing all relevant fund certification documents to meet the authenticity and legality requirements of immigration authorities and AUSTRAC. Not only do we ensure the safe crediting of your funds, but we also aid in smoothly fulfilling immigration requirements, helping you and your family obtain your immigration visas sooner.

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