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1.00 CNY =

0.21397856 AUD

1 AUD = 4.67337 CNY

— Last updated: February 14, 2024 23:39 UTC

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Exchange Rates

To meet the needs of the people in Australia, we offer an efficient service for exchanging US dollars into Australian dollars. Our platform focuses on providing favorable exchange rates from USD to AUD, offering advantages over traditional banks or other financial institutions, allowing you to save more on your exchanges.

Transparent Fees

Our core mission is to increase the transparency of USD to AUD exchanges, ensuring you are fully informed about the exchange rates from USD to AUD. We have no hidden fees or exchange rate traps; our fee structure is completely transparent. Banks often advertise free or low-fee remittance services but then add hidden markups to the exchange rate to make a profit. We welcome users to compare our rates and fees with those of other institutions.


Rate Lock Transactions

We offer rate lock transaction services. Simply visit our website to check the exchange rates from USD to AUD, and contact our currency exchange advisor to lock in the rate when you find it favorable. By completing the transaction within the predetermined time, you can enjoy the best exchange rate.

Customised Services

We provide personalised USD to AUD exchange services based on your specific needs and circumstances. If you have particular requirements regarding the USD to AUD exchange rate, transaction methods, or security measures, please contact us. We will offer personalised consultation and payment solutions.

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